And I'm Feelin' Good

by Jerry Galloway


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Jerry Galloway covers the favorite and familiar hits of the past 60 years. Jerry captures the original style and sounds of these - the greatest hits of our lives. No performer today can touch his range of artists and musical styles.

This album includes a wide mix of styles from a range artists that might be considered the greatest voices of pop music in the 20th Century now performed by Jerry Galloway.  This will be a unique and unparalleled contribution to your collection.

Genre:    Mixed - Country, Pop, Rock
Release Date:  2008

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1. Bluesman 4:25
2. Feeling Good 3:52
3. You're Nobody Til Somebody 2:15
4. Sway 2:33
5. You Don't Know Me 3:03
6. Home 3:41
7. Nothing On But The Radio 3:29
8. Green Green Grass of Home 3:02
9. Walk Right Back 2:22
10. Desperado 3:28
11. I Left My Heart in San Francisco 1:54


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