Fractured Mind

by Jerry Galloway


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Jerry Galloway covers a wide variety of hits both familiar and forgotten. Jerry captures the original style and sounds of these selections. No performer today can touch his range of artists and musical styles.

This album includes a wide mix of styles from a range artists that might be considered the greatest voices of pop music in the 20th Century now performed by Jerry Galloway.  While your selections might vary, this will be a unique and unparalleled contribution to your collection.

Genre:    Mixed - Country, Pop, Rock
Release Date:  2022

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1. Raindrops 2:58
2. Everybody's Talkin' 2:57
3. Here Comes My Baby 3:00
4. In Another's Arms 3:25
5. The Breeze 3:16
6. I Should Know 2:47
7. Past the Point of Rescue 3:35
8. Rainy Night in Georgia 4:01
9. That's Not My Name 2:50
10. Are You Sure Hank Done It Like This 3:15
11. My Blue Heaven 2:30
12. Don't Be Cruel 1:58
13. Crying 3:33
14. Foolish Heart 3:33
15. In the Ghetto 2:38
16. Rockin My Life Away 3:28
17. Tequila Sunrise 3:27
18. That Ain't No Way to Go 3:27
19. Forever and Ever 3:27
20. Dance With Me Tonight 2:06
21. Wagon Wheel 3:53


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