The Mavericks:
A Tribute Collection

by Jerry Galloway


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Jerry Galloway covers the favorite and familiar hits of the past 60 years. Jerry captures the original style and sounds of these - the greatest hits of our lives. No performer today can touch his range of artists and musical styles.

This album is focused on one of the greatest bands, The Mavericks.  A kind of Tex-Mex feel in a balance of country and rock-n-roll. Every song is a classic.

Genre:    Mixed Tex-Mex, Country & Rock
Release Date:  2018

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1. As Long As There's Loving Tonight 3:21
2. Ride With Me 3:57
3. Damned If You Do 3:59
4. One Step Away 2:49
5. What A Crying Shame 3:49
6. Back In Your Arms Again 3:47
7. Dance the Night Away 4:06
8. I Should Have Been True 4:44
9. Born To Be Blue 3:24
10. I Don't Care If You Love Me Anymore 3:07
11. Dream River 3:15
12. To Be With You 3:19
13. All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down 3:34
14. Oh What a Thrill 2:58
15. If You Only Knew 2:55


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