Halloween Treats

by Jerry Galloway


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So, this is not your children's Halloween music.  Consider the selections and you'll find the hits that adults have enjoyed for years.  All classics and special hits - perfect for your special holiday event.  - Enjoy !!

Jerry Galloway covers the favorite and familiar hits of the past 60 years. Jerry captures the original style and sounds of these - the greatest hits of our lives. No performer today can touch his range of artists and musical styles.

Albums are sometimes a wide mix of styles with a varied array of special hits or sometimes a collection of memories from one featured artist. Regardless, every album is a unique and unparalleled contribution to your collection.

Genre:    Mixed - Country, Pop, Rock
Release Date:  2014

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1. Run Through the Jungle 3:04
2. I Put a Spell On You 3:29
3. Spooky - * 4:10
4. Burning Hell 3:23
5. Marie Laveau 3:01
6. St. James Infirmary 2:15
7. Love Potion No. 9 2:43
8. Ghost Riders in The Sky 3:27
9. Werewolves of London 3:27
10. Black Magic Woman 3:24
11. People Are Strange 2:09

* with Glenn Miranda & the 3 Amigos Band


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