The Voices:
    Songs From The Great Voices
     of Pop Music History

by Jerry Galloway


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Jerry Galloway covers the favorite and familiar hits of the past 60 years. Jerry captures the original style and sounds of these - the greatest hits of our lives. No performer today can touch his range of artists and musical styles.

This album includes a wide mix of styles from a range artists that might be considered the greatest voices of pop music in the 20th Century now performed by Jerry Galloway.  While your selections might vary, this will be a unique and unparalleled contribution to your collection.

Genre:    Mixed - Country, Pop, Rock
Release Date:  2017

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1. The Actress   (Roy Orbison) 2:34
2. A Street Called Hope   (Gene Pitney) 3:13
3. Georgia   (Ray Charles) 4:07
4. Hotel Happiness  (Brook Benton) 2:33
5. What Now My Love   (Elvis Presley) 2:47
6. Lovin' You Feeling Again   (Roy Orbison) 3:48
7. Cry   (Johnnie Ray) 3:03
8. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes   (The Platters-Tony Williams) 3:43
9. Burning Hell   (Tom Jones) 3:23
10. Crying   (Roy Orbison) 2:43
11. Walking in The Rain   (Jay Black) 3:10
12. My Cup Runneth Over With Love   (Ed Ames) 2:44
13. Over You   (Gary Puckett) 2:21
14. Kentucky Rain   (Elvis Presley) 3:14
15. It's Over   (Roy Orbison) 2:31
16. Good Luck Charm   (Elvis Presley) 2:29
17. Young Girl   (Gary Puckett) 3:11
18. Wonderful World   (Sam Cooke) 2:11
19. Tower of Song   (Tom Jones) 3:56
20. Woman Woman   (Gary Puckett) 3:18
21. What a Wonderful World   (Louis Armstrong) 2:15


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